Claim Closure

ComPro, Inc. offers the most thorough, accurate and aggressive claim closure preparation services available in Oregon.

All insurers and self-insured employers in Oregon are required to close disabling work injury claims in conformance with the Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules and Workers' Compensation Division bulletins. A myriad of standards and forms govern the closure of initial claims, aggravation claims, new condition and omitted condition claims and claims reopened under the Board's Own Motion.

Closing a claim is an extremely complex process which allows virtually no room for error. Done properly and aggressively, the cost savings benefits can be enormous. Closures done improperly or prematurely can be devasting to both the employer (or insurer) and the worker.

ComPro, Inc. has been providing our customers with quality service and support since 1993. While you are here, be sure and check out our "Claim Closure" page to learn all about our claim closure services. As always let us know how we can be of service anytime via e-mail or phone.

How does the ComPro, Inc. closure process work?

  1. Ideally, ComPro, Inc. arranges an introductory meeting with a potential client. This meeting serves to establish both the level of service the client desires as well as the information that will be needed to complete the closure/audit process.
  2. A schedule is agreed upon which will result in timely closures. Claims examiners can simply place claims that are ready for closure in an "in-bin" for us. ComPro, Inc. will maintain a diary to control timeliness of closure.
  3. ComPro, Inc. will determine whether the claim is qualified for closure and if so, complete the closure forms. Depending on the level of service desired, we will produce and mail all necessary copies of the closure and associated documents (1644, 1503, 2807, palliative care letter, UNOA, and NOC cover letter). We will also complete an audit of benefits awarded by the closure vs. benefits paid either automatically or on assignment.
  4. If the claim is not ready for closure (information is not sufficient, etc.) ComPro, Inc. will complete a "Pre-Closure Review" form to outlines what is necessary to achieve closure and forward back to the examiner for additional work.

Why have ComPro, Inc. do your closures?

  • To the best of our knowledge, ComPro, Inc. offers the most comprehensive closure service available in Oregon. We gather claim information ourselves, then produce, copy and mail ALL closure related documents. Other providers require clients to provide information and produce an incomplete closure that the client's staff has to finish, print, copy and mail. Using ComPro, Inc. clearly saves considerable staff time and expense.
  • ComPro, Inc. minimizes PPD by limiting the awards to only those residuals associated with the accepted condition. We aggressively challenge doctors and the findings they provide - even to the point of communicating with the doctors ourselves, if necessary. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars on many claims by closely monitoring impairment.
  • ComPro, Inc. ensures that time loss awards are accurate. We carefully determine time loss periods in accordance with the laws and rules and follow our closure with an audit of benefits due (awarded) vs. paid.
  • As far as we know, ComPro, Inc. is the only closure provider that produces a benefits audit with the closure. The cost savings realized from the ability to find and deduct overpaid compensation can be astonishing. Compliance audit deviations can also be greatly reduced. This service guarantees accurate payment of compensation for both the employer (or insurer) and the worker.

How much does it cost?

Currently, ComPro, Inc.'s rates are $85.00 for a time loss only closure and $135.00 for a closure with PPD. This includes all forms and associated letters (1644, 1503, 2807, UNOA, palliative care, and NOC cover letter) copied and mailed to all parties and a completed audit of the compensation due and paid. Audits are billed at an additional $50.00 per claim volume. If you would like to make arrangements for the service or just discuss details, call us at (503) 485-2344 or e-mail