Third Party Admin

ComPro, Inc. Third Party Claims Administration Services.

ComPro, Inc. offers a premier claims management product. Let our reputation speak for itself. We can provide excellent references from satisfied customers.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide an all-inclusive claims management product for one upfront fee. There are no additional costs hidden in claims and no surprises. We agree to manage your claims in a manner which will have the following results:

  1. The lowest incurred loss figures you have ever experienced
  2. Claims which when closed, remain closed
  3. Claims which minimize exposure to future liabilities
  4. Maximum use of the Worker Benefit Fund
  5. Compliance Division audit protection
  6. Correct benefit application for your injured workers
  7. Protection for you from excessive claims costs

Why have ComPro, Inc. handle your claims?

The company is owned and managed by Doris Bain. Formerly a field auditor with the State of Oregon Compliance Section, Doris brings her strong commitment of "doing it the right way" to the task of managing your claims. There are no complex "lines of communication" to travel through in order to get your needs met. If we make a commitment to you to do something, it will be done.

ComPro, Inc. currently boast's a total of four strongly certified claims examiners with a combination of 72 years experience in Oregon workers' compensation claims processing at various levels. We are highly skilled in every area of the complex field of worker's compensation. We are trainers for other insurers/TPA's and self-insured companies in the State.

Our average claims cost (historically) is $1197.00. During the five years we have been processing claims, only one claim has reopened. We believe in thoroughly preparing a claim medically prior to issuing a closure form. This makes it very difficult for a worker to overturn the closure or prove aggravation.

The State of Oregon reimbursement funds are completely handled in your behalf at no additional cost to you with the exception of the Employer-at-Injury Program. This program is billed to you at the amount of the administrative fee allowed by the WCD for each claim. Medical bills are audited at no additional cost to you.

ComPro, Inc. is the publisher of The Oregon Worker's Compensation Series™ - we are experts at using the administrative rules and bulletins in your best interests.

How much does it cost to have ComPro, Inc. manage your claims?

Our fee is based on whatever amount it takes to make sure you get what you are paying for, a thorough claims management product. Doris's history as an auditor brings an understanding that if we are understaffed for the number of claims being handled you will pay the bill in the ultimate cost of your claims. Just one well managed claim can more than pay our fee for an entire year while one poorly managed claim can result in your paying claims and assessment costs for many years in the future far in excess of what you may save by utilizing another Third Party Processor.

We care about the service product we offer in a passionate way. You reap the rewards of that passion.

If this presentation has piqued your interest, just give us a call at 503-485-2344 for further discussion.