Employer-at-Injury Program

ComPro, Inc. specializes in the administration of the Employer-at-Injury program.

The use of the Employer-at-Injury Program is one of our specialties. ComPro, Inc. has developed a very thorough system for administering this program in your behalf. Our applications are well-received by the Worker's Compensation Division audit staff because we take special care to verify Division 105 compliance.

Our experience with this program has shown that it isn't sufficient to simply receive a check from the State under this Program. The real key is keeping the benefits after a compliance audit has been completed.

How the process works?

Upon referral from you or your claims processing office, an on-site visit is made to review the claim. Necessary documentation is identified from an eligible file. If additional wage or light duty documentation is needed, it is requested from either the employer or the claims examiner. After all documentation is obtained, an application form is completed in proper format and mailed to the WCD. When you are audited, we are available to respond to questions posed by the Audit Unit at your request.

How much does this service cost?

In most cases it costs no more than the administrative fee allowed by the WCD. There may be exceptions to this if extensive work is necessary to obtain required documentation.

Please contact doris@compronet.com to discuss details.