Oregon Workers Compensation Series™

Oregon Laws, Rules Bulletins and Forms at the speed of your computer™

The Oregon Workers' Compensation Series™ (OWCS™) is a collection of .pdf documents which include all current laws, rules, bulletins and forms applicable to claims processing in Oregon. OWCS™ has been designed for workers' compensation claims professionals and provides the reference materials essential to managing claims at peak efficiency from anywhere you have a computer and a Broadband Internet connection. Additionally, the OWCS™ includes letter templates, charts and other specialized tools to assist claims professionals to quickly accomplish the often complex tasks associated with claims management in Oregon.

OWCS™ Features Include

  • Oregon Laws, Rules, and Bulletins - ORS Chapters 183, 654, 656, 658, 659 and 659A, OAR Chapter 436, 438 and Bulletins issued by the WCD and WCB. Historical information is also included. All reference material is hypertext cross referenced and searchable.
  • WCD & WCB Forms - WCD and WCB Forms can be completed on the desktop and printed. Additionally, form data can be exported and imported making it accessible to the same or other forms, at will.
  • ClaimPro™ Letter Templates - A menu driven collection of Microsoft® Word template letters designed to assist with quickly drafting professional and defensible letters for many common processing situations, including: Acceptance/Denial, IME Scheduling/Concerns Letters, Closure Letters, etc.
  • Medical Invoice Auditor - The medical invoice auditing program compares physician billings to allowances of the Oregon Fee Schedule and calculates appropriate payment amounts.
  • Custom Tools - OWCS™ includes several custom tools and charts which assist in a variety of complex claims processing tasks, including: Calendars, Benefit Rate Charts and a PPD calculation form.

What are some of the benefits of OWCS™?

  1. OWCS™ Saves Time - OWCS™ is equipped with the tools you need to find information and process claims at peak efficiency. For example, imagine sitting at your computer and filling out a Form 1502 while being only one mouse click away from referencing Bulletin 237. You may also save the data for later use to populate the fields in other forms, such as Form 1503, or 2360 (requires a full version of Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0.5 Standard).
  2. Instills Professional Accuracy & Confidence - OWCS™ provides the ability to quickly find any applicable statute, rule, or bulletin reference and copy/paste it in to your letters which instills confidence, promotes competency, and affirms the credibility of workers' compensation professionals.
  3. OWCS™ is Current and Complete - OWCS™ is the most well orginized and complete collection of Oregon workers' compensation reference material available. ComPro, Inc. monitors the industry for changes and delivers frequent updates to keep OWCS™ users current.

Bottom Line: OWCS™ saves time and money by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your claims processing office.

How does OWCS™ work?

The OWCS™ utilizes the Internet (a Broadband Internet connection is highly recommended) and the Adobe® Acrobat® environment. To maximize the potential uses of the OWCS™ such as saving form data, each work station must have a full version of Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0.5 Standard. If you intend on using the OWCS™ only for searching or form filling and printing purposes, the free Adobe® Reader® 7.0.5 will suffice. These software programs may be purchased or downloaded by visiting: www.adobe.com.

How much does OWCS™ cost and how do I order?

An annual subscription to the OWCS™ costs $200.00 per user. To sign up for an annual subscription using a credit card, please give us a call at 503-485-2344 to make arrangements.

You may also use the OWCS™ Order Form below to order your OWCS™ subscription and send a check by mail. Upon receipt of your order, you will be provided a log in user name and password. If you would like, call or email us to request a FREE 30 day OWCS™ trial before submitting your order.

pdf icon OWCS™ Order Form.pdf

If you have unanswered questions, please feel free to give us a call at 503-485-2344 during normal business hours. We look forward to hearing from you.