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ComPro, Inc. was founded in 1993 as a workers' compensation consulting firm with specialization in the State of Oregon. Our stated corporate Mission is to provide quality workers’ compensation education and consulting services to Oregon employers, based on God directed integrity and creativity. To this end, our goals are to:

Develop lasting, full-range relationships with our clients; Be accurate, dependable, efficient and timely; Provide bottom-line ‘no-cost’ services through resource recovery; Be the most exhaustive resource for workers’ compensation information and education within Oregon; Provide employers with a resource to help protect their interests through legislative channels; Actively promote a high level of integrity, creativity, professionalism and efficiency in our client base; Reduce the net cost of Workers’ Compensation liabilities in Oregon.

In pursuit of these goals, the management and staff of ComPro, Inc., are dedicated to providing accurate reference materials/publications, educational training programs and professional consulting services. Our overall commitment is to provide consulting services which meet the specific needs of our clients.

About ComPro, Inc.'s Human Resources:

Doris Bain, President - #29 years experience:

Formerly a Claims Examiner then, State of Oregon Compliance Auditor, Doris has assisted insurers and self-insured employers to know, understand and comply with Oregon's complex workers' compensation regulations since establishing Audit Consultants in 1986. Realizing the need for various specific services, Doris formed ComPro, Inc., in 1993, expanding the range of 'Services and Products' to be offered by her company. Doris' experience in and knowledge of the industry is both unique and virtually unparalleled while, her commitment to providing wide-ranging, problem focused consulting services in a cost-efficient and effective manner makes her an invaluable resource to workers' compensation and risk management professionals, industry-wide.

E-mail: doris@compronet.com

Karen Johnson, Disability Evaluation Specialist - #10 years experience:

Formerly a Disability Specialist with the WCD Evaluation Unit, Karen's skills in identifying and accurately rating Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) make her an invaluable addition to the ComPro, Inc. team of professionals. Her knowledge of the Oregon closure standards and ability to accurately assess the many contributing factors when rating and awarding Permanent Partial Disability assures worker's rights to appropriate compensation are protected and the liabilities of employers are minimized.

E-mail: karen@compronet.com

Timothy P Simmons, Sr. Claims Examiner/Systems Administrator - #16 years experience:

Formerly a Sr Claims Examiner with multi-state experience, Tim's friendly personality, technical expertise and logical approach ideally suit him to the wide array of tasks he performs for ComPro, Inc., including: Claims Examining (in-house and temporary consulting), systems administration, service development assistance, etceteras. Tim's computer programming skills and in depth knowledge of claims administration in the jurisdictions of Oregon, Idaho and Washington make him another of the valuable assets which uniquely define ComPro, Inc.

E-mail: tims@compronet.com

Dan Simmons, Publications Director/EAIP Specialist - #5 years experience:

Dan's skills and experience in the area of computer programming and Internet technologies are an invaluable asset to ComPro, Inc. He facilitates development of ComPro, Inc. software tools, including: ComProNet.com, the Oregon Workers' Compensation Series (OWCS™), Basic Claims Examiner Training Program (CompCourse™), Employer at Injury Consulting Program, Claim Closure Program, etc. Dan's contributions in the area of data warehousing and publications provide ComPro, Inc. with the technical backbone necessary to achieving its goals.

E-mail: dan@compronet.com

About our Products and Services:

Accurate Reference Materials/Publications:
By nature, workers' compensation claims management is an industry of change. Claims Examiners have both a legal and ethical obligation to keep up with the legislative and judicial systems as well as developments in the areas of medicine, safety, health, and technology. The myriad of laws, rules, bulletins and forms - each with a unique purpose, history and future - makes the term ‘claim management' all but an oxymoron. Staying abreast of all the factors which govern workers' compensation claims management in Oregon is a daunting task for claim professionals which often must be placed on the back-burner, while the daily tasks of accepting claims, paying time loss and scheduling IME's take precedence.

The Oregon Workers' Compensation Series™ (OWCS™) originated as a bound exhaustive reference set designed to assist Oregon work injury professionals to quickly find and apply appropriate laws, rules, bulletins, and forms to their daily tasks. Recent developments in computer softer (especially, hypertext linking) have now made the original idea (instant access to information) a technical possibility. The OWCS™ is an invaluable reference tool which must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Educational Training Programs:
The Basic Claims Examiner Certification Training Course™ (CompCourse™) is an educational introduction covering the wide range of topics pertinent to examining Oregon workers' compensation claims with emphasis on the knowledge and application of Oregon Revised Statutes (laws), Oregon Administrative Rules (rules), Bulletins, and Forms. A student who successfully completes the CompCourse™ will not only be eligible for 'certification' to examine Oregon workers' compensation claims but, educated in the foundational and historical trends of the industry. Seasoned claims professionals also will find their knowledge and skills honed by the CompCourse™ which provides a review of contemporary legislative, administrative and judicial changes.

The CompCourse™ consists of ten (10) comprehensive Lesson Assignments, each followed by a lesson examination which must be submitted to the instructor for evaluation on the basis of correctness, clarity and recognition of statute, rule and bulletin references. Graded Lesson Exams are useful as an additional training tool and are, therefore, returned to the student for review of the instructor's comments. Following the ten (10) lesson assignments, a timed final examination must be completed with a passing grade of 80%. If you are interested, please see our CompCourse™ page to learn all about how it works.

Professional Consulting Services:
ComPro, Inc. is unlike any other provider of workers' compensation consulting services in Oregon. ComPro, Inc. offers consulting services which promote efficient claims management and financial strategies for employers, risk professionals, insurers and claims administrators, facilitating a strategic and proactive approach to ever changing industry standards. We are not attorneys, investigators or vocational counselors. ComPro, Inc's. staff of professionals are workers' compensation claims management experts eager to assist our clients in their efforts to improve effectiveness and reduce net losses. Some specific consulting services offered include:

Claim Closure Services
Worker Benefit Fund Programs Coordination
Employer-At-Injury Program (EAIP) Coordination
Excess Insurance Recovery Coordination
Retroactive Reserve Increase Calculation
Annual Self-Insurer Report of Losses Preparation
Individual Claim Financial Audits
Claim Processing Performance Consulting
Compliance Audit Coordination
Establishment of Claim Administration Offices
Temporary Claims Examiner Assistance

Again, the above list of services is not exhaustive. Because every worker/work injury is unique, every office of workers' compensation injury professionals must also be unique and has differing needs. The management and staff of ComPro, Inc. would be happy to meet with you to discuss your situation and whether these or other consulting services may be of benefit to your organization. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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