ComPro, Inc. Self-Insured annual report of losses preparation services

Annually, all self-insured employers in Oregon are required to submit historical claim loss information to the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) to facilitate calculation of Experience Rating Modification (ERM) factors, security deposits, premium assessments and Retrospective Rating Plan (RRP) adjustments.

The requirements and format for the Report of Losses (ROL) are published in Bulletin #209, annually. Proper application of the instructions and a thorough knowledge of the laws and rules governing preparation of ROL's results in significant savings for self-insured employers through lower premiums, ERM's and security deposits.

How does the process work?

  1. If possible, ComPro, Inc. appreciates the opportunity for a brief introductory meeting during which we discuss how data input and reserving practices affect the ROL. As well, this provides opportunity to establish the level of service desired by the client.

  2. Annually, ComPro, Inc. requests basic claim financial data, valued as of January 1. Many data formats can be accommodated as well as hard-copy reports, when necessary.

  3. ComPro, Inc. compares current data to prior-year ROL information to assure completeness and accuracy. Discrepancies are identified, discussed and remedied, as applicable.

  4. ComPro, Inc. filters the data, in accordance with Bulletin #209, and prepares the self-insured employer's Report of Losses, personally delivering the ROL to the Department on the employer's behalf, upon approval of the self-insurer.

  5. Occasionally, the Department may have questions, or concerns when auditing the ROL. Therefore, ComPro, Inc. also provides follow-up, acting as a mediator for Department personnel to contact.

Why have ComPro do your reports?

  • ComPro, Inc's ROL Preparation Services are personalized. We are at your service and will work with you and your staff to achieve an accurate, efficient process for preparing the annual ROL on your behalf.

  • Because ComPro, Inc. knows correct data output results from appropriate input, when possible, we provide advice on payment coding and reserving practices which will help to lower an employer's ERM's and security deposits.

  • ComPro, Inc. maintains contact throughout the ROL preparation process to obtain necessary information while minimizing distraction of the employer and/or TPA from their all-important claim processing duties.

  • ComPro, Inc. scrutinizes claim data, documents discrepancies, corrects errors/omissions and assures loss valuations are as low as possible.

  • ComPro, Inc. has an established reputation with the DCBS for preparation of accurate and professional ROL's.

  • Because ComPro, Inc. also follows-up by fielding questions from the Department, submission of ROL's is nearly hassle-free for the self-insured employer/TPA and staff is freed to concentrate on the duties of claims administration.

How much does it cost?

ComPro, Inc. is currently offering this service for a flat fee of $450.00 per account. To sign up and/or talk about the details, give us a call at 503-485-2344 or e-mail

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